Sunday, April 10, 2011

Just Pictures!

 The shipyard in Belfast from which the Titanic departed.  They claim there was nothing wrong with her when she left.  Also, a running Catholic/Protestant joke is that while the Protestants were designing the ship, the Catholics were designing the iceberg.

  Some pretty stained glass in the Queen's University Botanic Gardens, Belfast.

 The local protestant church in Rostrevor, The Church of Ireland.

  A neat fair trade gift shop, particularly jewelry here. 

  City Hall in Belfast.

    Lots of us at the coffee shop at City Church, Belfast.

 Loyalist murals painted in Belfast.  The term Loyalist means loyal to the British throne, therefore      protestant.

The Ross Monument in Rostrevor, commemorating a victory in the U.S. where the General Ross burned down the white house during the American Revolution.  Into to forgiveness and reconciliation for me!

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  1. Hi, I was looking for some pictures of City Church and you popped up (I'm a Sunday School teacher!). Hope you had a good time in our cafe.