Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gospel Earrings

Gospel Earrings in the fabrication process.

I am starting my first post jewelry-related and am very excited about it!  I thought it fitting to start with something close to my heart.  While playing violin with a Christian singer on the road for one year, I was selling some of my jewelry at her concerts.  I wanted to provide a faith themed piece of jewelry that was more unique than putting a cross pendant on something.  After some prayer, Gospel Earrings was birthed.  It took a few years of tweaking to get where they are now.  Hundreds of pairs of Gospel Earrings have been sold or given to women around the country and even the world.  I would love to see them reach areas of poverty where the message can be seen in the small pictures I designed.  They are a tool to encourage, mark your own commitment, and to share the good news with others.