Friday, March 18, 2011

I am in Ireland

Hello friends and family!  I am in Northern Ireland now and wanted to share some pictures.  We got to go to Downpatrick to observe St. Patrick's day by going to a church service at a small church that he supposedly helped start.  Then we went on a "pilgrimage" to a cathedral in the center of Downpatrick where there was another church service.  We had a nice catered lunch there of Irish stew (yum) and apple pie. 

The facility where I am staying is very nice.  I have three roommates, all from different countries than myself--Canada, Japan, and Uganda.  My Japanese roommate's family is doing fine and was not hit during their terrible earthquake.  I am greatly enjoying all the groups I have been put in.  I am on the cooking team, yay!  And I have a great small group and one-on-one leader.  We just finished our first week of lectures and the speaker's name was Bruce Clewett.  We will have a different speaker each week.  I really loved Bruce and what he had to share with us.  He is a YWAM leader in Austria, originally from the USA.  He spoke about surrender, and some great foundations.  The foundations were: 1.God is who He says He is.  2. God can do what He says He can do.  3. I am who God says I am. and 4. I can do what God says I can do.  Just sharing a wee bit of our lesson for you! 

I've learned lots of new idioms here--trousers for pants, pants means underpants, everything small is a wee bit, cheers for thanks, queue for standing in a line, half seven meaning seven thirty, etc. 

God is definitely helping me see how surrender and trusting Him don't have to be sorrowful or a negative experience.  I am struggling with some fears still regarding being here and would appreciate prayer.

I love you all.

The local grocery store in Rostrevor.

The park in Rostrevor that leads to a mountain and hiking trails.

The Cloughmore Stone on top of the mountain "Slieve Martin". 

The church in Downpatrick where our pilgrimage ended.

A view from the top of Slieve Martin.

Cooking duty.  Holly, a staff member on the left, and Michelle, my Canadian roommate.