Sunday, December 26, 2010


I will try to keep blog posts brief, enlightening and humorous while still informative.  I have moved lots of things to Ohio, and am home for Christmas.  Then back to Nashville to pack more to move out of the apartment and in with my roommates in their new apartment until I finish my job on January 20.
My faith and patience are being tested as YWAM is still working with the border agency on visas.  We were told not to buy plane tickets until after the visas, so I am just waiting while doing nothing, augh!!  Sometimes for control freaks like me, this is not ideal but necessary for character growth :) 

For Christmas, I got a raincoat and an electical converter/adaptor.  My sister also got me one piece pj's which were probably my favorite gift, and had been on my Christmas list in years' past.  I actually stood up and danced with them like like it was my dancing partner.  Maybe this pj dancing partner will be replaced by a real one someday. . .

I hope Ireland has good beads!!!  I will be on the lookout and taking my tools and some basics with me.

Love to all and Merry Christmas.