Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Time at Home

My flight leaves on March 7 and I return to the States on August 10.  Until then, I have been spending time with my parents and brother at their house in Ohio, where I lived in high school and now live again.  It is very different living here after living in another state for 8.5 years.  In some ways it's really nice to have family around-- someone to appreciate my cooking, always having someone to watch TV with or go to church with.  On the other hand, I've been learning some lessons about letting things go.  I didn't realize how important some trivial things had become to me, and I need to learn to be more flexible and work with people.  I think this is God's perfect training ground for me as I move forward to community living at the YWAM base.  There are bound to be conflicts but also there will be lots of opportunities to avoid conflicts by keeping a wise attitude.  Sometimes it's just best to keep your mouth closed!  I was reading about this same thing in Proverbs 17 today.  Please pray for me since it is very hard for me to lay down "my rights" and avoid conflict.

It is also strange being here with no job and nothing I can really start since I am leaving.  I am used to a more busy lifestyle, which keeps me from being idle.  I thought I would maintain my individuality here by getting out and doing some things around Cincinnati, but lo, this usually means spending money, and that is not the best thing for me now!  Praise God He has given me a little bit of work while home, babysitting and some other random tasks.  I also have been tagging along with family members' activities instead of doing my own activities, but this will change when I get to a more permanent place in life. 

Just an update that my phone was deactivated yesterday, so you may email me at or message me on facebook.

I feel ready to get on that plane and start moving forward, but I need to treasure this time too :)  Thanks for your prayers as always.  Love to all.